Major Gifts & Major Campaigns: The Art And Science Of Success


“Do it once, do it right” is Tony Myers’s motto. Tony, whose fundraising work and experience has spanned five continents, has found success practising both the “art and science” of major gifts and major donor campaigns. After almost 20 years of working in the fundraising field at home and abroad, Tony is more dedicated than ever to the concept of the Disciplined Campaign©.

Behind the news stories of huge gifts are the stories of disciplined activity and focused efforts. They are stories of hard work, diligence and persistence, but more than anything they are stories based on a “systems approach” – and yes, sometimes luck.

At the CEE Fundraising Conference Tony will share his rich professional knowledge and experience about major donor campaigning in a masterclass called Major Gifts & Major Campaigns: The Art and Science of Success.

Join Tony Myers in Bratislava as he shares the full systems approach to major donor fundraising and major campaigns. You will learn how to identify whether your organization is ready for this kind of campaign and discover the unique characteristics of different kinds of major donor campaigns.


More information about masterclasses at:, #CEEFC

Join us at the CEE Fundraising Conference and learn in depth about fundraising success!

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