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Grow The Leader You Always Wanted To Be!

ceelot2017_main_662_274The Slovak and Czech Fundraising Centres are seeking new participants for this year’s edition of the unique CEE Leaders of Tomorrow programme. Continue reading

Leader is a Person of Vision, Action and Inspiration

foto_leadership_jana_350_110Some people say that leaders are borne; others suggest that anybody can become a leader. I say a leader is a person of vision, passionate about action, committed to involvement, always inspiring others to join the cause. Leaders, regardless of skill and ability continuously ask: “Why, where, how or what if?”

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Leaders of Tomorrow are About Accountability and Leadership

There are two major issues facing all of us whofoto_leadership_tony_350_110 work and volunteer in the civil sector, working for NGOs: Accountability and Leadership. Our accountability starts with us. It starts with ensuring that we are the best we can be, as individuals, as professionals, as organizational leaders, and as leaders of thought and practice in our communities. And how do we do that.

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A New Leaders of Tomorrow Program with Kay Sprinkel Grace and Tony Myers

foto_leaders_350_145_header_downThis moment in history is revealing a critical need for leadership in civil society. Not only in Central and Eastern Europe, this need is being felt daily. The Slovak and Czech Fundraising Centres are therefore launching a joint long-term Leaders of Tomorrow Program.

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