CEEFC 2022: The Power Of (Online) Community

After three years, fundraisers and NGO leaders finally have a chance to meet again at their beloved CEE Fundraising Conference. A line-up packed with practitioners offers unparalleled expertise and allows for the exchange of top experts in the industry.

How do we build relationships and engage our communities? How do we harness the power of our communities for the social good? And what do recent developments mean for resource mobilization and leadership of social impact organizations in the coming future?

Come to Bratislava and explore these challenges together with world-renowned speakers. You will have a chance to get inspired by Kay Sprinkel Grace (US), who will speak about serving or solving the problems in our communities. Tony Myers (CA) will help you listen and communicate with donors. Daryl Upsall (ES) will present trends and innovations impacting fundraising worldwide. Robert C. Osborne Jr. (US) will help you to make good metric-based decisions and achieve greater impact. Bertie Bosrédon (ES) will inspire you on how to create a digital fundraising culture within your organization. Jillian Stewart (NL) will teach you how to engage peers in fundraising and Gemma Rooke (GB) how to speak about death and dying with donors.

They will be also joined by myriad of CEE experts sharing expertise from the region and beyond, e.g. Peter Fabian (SK/GB), Katalin Kovácsné Béres (HU), Konstantina Papadimitrou (GR), Mladenka Majerić (HR), Katarína Bartovičová (SK/BE), Balázs Horváth (HU/NL), Livija Rojc Štremfelj (SI), Jan Kroupa & Jiří Bárta (CZ), Konrad Siwiński (PL) or Ivan Zaťko (SK).

The conference will start with four masterclasses – about corporate fundraising, leadership in a time of profound change, building bigger communities through peer-to-peer fundraising and how to engage donors when the crisis is over. Read more on masterclasses here.

Now is the time to shut down your computers, switch off your mobile phones and join leading experts in the fundraising industry in person and live. Enjoy the community of your peers and colleagues at the CEE Fundraising Conference from 12-14 October 2022 in Bratislava, SK. We look forward to seeing you there. Register for #CEEFC here.


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