When The Crisis Is Over, Will Your Donors Move On?

In this CEEFC masterclass, Kay Sprinkel Grace will explore a global phenomenon in fundraising that has affected all kinds of organisations: donors who respond generously to a crisis and yet stop supporting our work when they feel the crisis is over.

It happens all the time with natural disasters like earthquakes, and tsunamis – support rushes in for immediate relief but is greatly reduced when the crisis is over. Most of these donors do not become long-time investors, continuing their support for strategies that will mitigate future disasters or provide long-term care, housing or medical assistance for those who lie in the wake of these disasters. War may be the worst disaster of all: death, destruction, rapid emigration to safer places, children abandoned, families separated. Funding for relocation, immediate help, food insecurity, housing needs:  donors and communities rally to help. And, sadly, they tire of the war, and its impact and it is challenging to keep these donors supporting us. The good news is that there are ways to keep them engaged as donors even after a crisis, natural disaster or the devastation of a war like what has happened in Ukraine.

Join Kay Sprinkel Grace at the masterclass When The Crisis Is Over, Will Your Donors Move On? at the CEE Fundraising Conference in Bratislava.

CEEFC Masterclasses offer you unparalleled expertise in corporate fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising and leadership from the world’s renowned experts. Join the CEE Fundraising Conference and register by 10 October 2022.

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