Raising More Funds And Making An Impact In A World Of Big Data

ceefc2018_600_248The world is rapidly changing and data is becoming one of the most important assets required for success. It also applies to building relationships with donors, fundraising and making an impact.

‘Fundraising In A World Of Big Data’ is the title of the CEE Fundraising Conference which will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 9-11 October 2018, where a wide range of experienced practitioners will share their knowledge.

In his opening plenary, Stephen George (GB) will offer his ideas on how to become a great fundraising leader, Jason Potts and Aroon Dougan (GB) will talk about direct marketing and how to succeed in the digital world while Simon Scriver (IE) will teach us how to make a big impact with a small budget. Miroslav Umlauf and Martin Humpolec (CZ) will introduce Big Data, Björn Lampe (DE) provides a glimpse of the future in digital fundraising while Nick Allen (US) will show us how to test and use Facebook for fundraising and advocacy. Meanwhile, Jitty van Doodewaerd (NL) will talk about fundraising after GDPR and Nikki Bell and Viki Ward (GB) will engage fundraisers through Tinder. The program also includes Evgenia Filippova (AT) talking about blockchain and how it can be used for non-profit organizations. Read more about speakers here.

The conference will start with four masterclasses – about building digital campaigns, loving our donors, legacy campaigning and mobile fundraising – while delegates will also have the opportunity to delve into selected topics of their interest in more detail.

Don’t miss the new opportunities data offers for your fundraising. Join us for the CEE Fundraising Conference in Bratislava.

For more information, see the full conference programme here.


We thank our General Partner for continuous support of CEEFC:


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