Leaders of Tomorrow are About Accountability and Leadership

There are two major issues facing all of us whofoto_leadership_tony_350_110 work and volunteer in the civil sector, working for NGOs: Accountability and Leadership. Our accountability starts with us. It starts with ensuring that we are the best we can be, as individuals, as professionals, as organizational leaders, and as leaders of thought and practice in our communities. And how do we do that.

How do we ensure that we are accountable to ourselves and accountable to our personal and professional growth?

The CEE Leaders of Tomorrow Program challenges our accountability to self, our accountability to our organizations and our accountability to our profession and the communities we serve. It challenges us to lead as we have never led before. It challenges us to grow, as we have never grown before, and it challenges us to self-renewal at a time when Europe, east and west, craves leadership.

This program is for those who lead, but want to lead with greater vigour, greater vision, more passion and more energy. This program is for those new to leadership and who want to do it right the first time. Join us for a leadership experience we believe you will never forget.


More details and registration at www.ceeleadership.org.


Grow the Leader You Always Wanted to Be!


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