Being Successful At Fundraising Means Planning Strategically


Some fundraisers need to plan everything right from the start, for others it is only during the rush of daily work with donors that they discover planning is vital in achieving greater effectivity.

Strategically planning the functioning of an organisation, but particularly its fundraising, is fundamental to long-term success in recriuting donors. This applies especially to organisations with complex and less popular causes. Personal experience is essential to being able to think strategically in the development of fundraising and the ability to plan strategically requires some basic skills. However, what is most important is authenticity, responsibility and personal involvement and integrity, as well as focusing on your goal. Fundraising needs to be included in the daily management processes of the organisation with a planned outcome. Fundraising can be developed systematically in two ways – as “looking for opportunities” or “the strategic approach”.

Participants at the CEE Fundraising Conference will be able to not just learn about specific examples of planning an organisation and fundraising in practice but also get to try their own examples. They will finish the conference with a practical guide on what not to forget when planning and what to avoid, as well as the tools they may need for their own planning.

The CEE Fundraising Conference – Strategic Fundraising for Difficult Causes – takes place in Bratislava from 14-16 October 2015 and will include fundraising speakers from not just western Europe and overseas but also from our Central European region. Among those who will be speaking about their experience of strategic development of fundraising are Sylwia Kobayashi (PL), Tomasz Michalowicz (PL) and Lucia Štasselová (SK), while the conference will also cover a wide range of other fundraising themes and feature a number of speakers from all parts of the world.

Join us and be inspired!

For all information on the conference, go to:

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