To Lead You Must Know How. To Lead You Must Know Why. To Lead You Must Know Yourself…

foto_leadership_jana_350_110There is a critical need for leadership in civil society. In Central and Eastern Europe, this need is being felt daily. Leaders of Tomorrow is a 12-month experiential development program which equips men and women with vision to lead organizations, communities, civil society. Leaders of Tomorrow opens door to leadership, to your potential, to your future…

Join Kay Sprinkel Grace from USA in this unique program. Kay is a widely respected consultant to nonprofits and NGOs.  The author of six books on fundraising and leadership of the nonprofit sector, she speaks globally on these topics.  She has taught leadership of the fundraising process to countless boards and staff members as well as at conference sessions throughout the US and in Prague, Bratislava, Tbilisi, Moscow, London, Paris, Stockholm, The Netherlands and Australia.

Her leadership teaching is strongly influenced by her experience, particularly in working with organizations in transition, as well as by her mastery of leadership principles from business and public sector leaders including John W. Gardner, Peter Drucker, Jim Collins and Jim Kouzes.  Her undergraduate degree is in Journalism and her Master’s degree is in Curriculum and Teacher Education, both from Stanford University.  She has worked professionally in the nonprofit/NGO sector for 35 years.

Kay’s profile and video invitation

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Grow the Leader You Always Wanted to Be!

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