CEEFC Masterclasses Offer World-Class Fundraising Expertise


banner_iniarraThe CEE Fundraising Conference features the world’s renowned fundraising practitioners. Tap into their vast expertise at specialized masteclasses and benefit from their presence in Bratislava.

How To Develop A Digital Public Mobilization Concept
That Shakes Hearts And Minds

What is the most important aspect of any public mobilisation and fundraising campaign? That’s right…the concept!

The most important thing to remember is to not put your cart before your horse – if you have an appealing concept, then you can make the most of potential supporters waiting for us on Facebook or the billions of people that could engage with our organisations via smartphone or our email lists.

In his masterclass Marcelo Iniarra (ARG) will be revealing some of his own tools to allow you to generate concept ideas that will be guaranteed to move both your supporters’ hearts… and their minds.

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Corporate Partnerships For Beginners 

Would you like a better understanding of how corporations think and operate? Do you see potential in partnering with the private sector in your work? Then this Master Class by Maria Ros Jernberg (SWE) is for you.

We’ll talk about how we can overcome the sometimes challenging differences between NGOs and the corporate mindset. During this Master Class we’ll look at the success factors behind successful corporate partnerships and we’ll talk about your organization’s internal readiness and what you need to do to become a great corporate partner.

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How Digital Advertising
Can Boost Your Online Fundraising

Can digital advertising accelerate your fundraising program? Learn with Colin Delany (USA) how organizations and campaigns are putting online ads to work to grow their donor lists, reach new audiences and convince people to give money.

We’ll discuss channels including banner/display ads, video ads, Facebook advertising and more. We’ll also talk about cutting-edge topics like Facebook Custom Audiences, addressable advertising and cross-channel fundraising. Learn how you can integrate digital ads into your fundraising program to boost your day-to-day results.

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Behavioural Economics:
The Future Of Fundraising Science

Behavioural economics is an exciting new area of science. It draws on a number of areas to explore the process by which we make decisions. Conventional economics tells us that people are rational. Behavioural economics tells us people believe they are rational but in fact are irrational.

This masterclass by Bernard Ross (UK) looks at how we can apply this thinking to fundraising: face-to-face, online or in print. During the session you’ll take part in a number of experiments designed to prove that you too can have your ability to make judgments altered – and shown that you can apply this to other people to support your cause, the level of gift they give you, or even the way they decide to interact.

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The CEE Fundraising Conference – Strategic Fundraising for Difficult Causes – takes place in Bratislava
from 14-16 October 2015.

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