Corporate Foundations Have Opportunity to Learn About Success in Fundraising

foto_dick_aft_990_410Does your corporate foundation seek to successfully accomplish its mission? What role does fundraising play for corporate foundations? And how important is transparency in all of this?

Questions like these will be addressed by a renowned US expert on corporate-nonprofit cooperation and corporate foundations Richard N. Aft, Ph.D. He will deliver a workshop Achieving Success in Corporate Foundation and Fundraising Leadership on March 10, 2014 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Corporate foundations play an important role in the growing community engagement of companies. In Slovakia, this growth is enhanced by an option of companies to annually allocate 1,5% of their corporate income tax for charitable purposes.

Richard Aft is a President of Philanthropic Leadership from Cincinnati, USA. He has over 40 years of experience as President and CEO of United Way organizations in nine different American cities and leadership of the United Way National Professional Council. In partnership with hundreds of corporate foundations and community leaders, he has raised and accounted for the distribution of over $1.5 billion USD.

The workshop, delivered entirely in English, is specifically designed for founders, leaders, board members and fundraisers of corporate foundations, but will be inspirational also for others interested in corporate-non-profit cooperation.

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