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22 Million Is Yours, If You Stick To Tried And Tested Methods

foto_myers_220_220We met at a conference in Bratislava a few years ago, but in Prague we had the chance to talk at length. It was before the launch of the VIA Foundation’s “1:1 Campaign”. To this very day I can still recall how he told me something fundamental, in an off-hand way but at the same time with a glow in his eyes: “Sticking to tried and tested methods and rules simply works”. Two years later, the VIA Foundation’s “1:1 Campaign” raised 22.5 million Czech korunas.

Tony Myers manages to understand the world’s richest people to such an extent that they will open even the deepest pockets to him. He has been sharing his experience his whole life and in the people of Central and Eastern Europe he has gained his most fervent students.

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