Fundraising For Complex Causes Is Difficult

Corruption, minority rights, human rights…foto_ceefc_2015_990_311

Getting funding for causes which are difficult to understand at first glance and are too abstract is much more difficult than fundraising to help sick children. “Difficult” causes tend to be more complex and can split a public which understands them with greater difficulty or accepts them more controversially. A strategic approach, creative ideas and innovative communication can provide the means for non-profit organisations working with difficult causes to be successful in their fundraising.

Strategic fundraising for difficult causes is the main theme of the Central and Eastern European Fundraising Conference 2015, which takes place from the 14th – 16th October 2015 in Bratislava.

How to get donors for difficult causes? How to think strategically and build relationships which grow into support? Which approaches work and which are dead-ends?

Along with participants, we’ll be looking for the answers to these questions from the most experienced speakers in the field of fundraising from all over the world as well as Central and Eastern Europe.  Experts from the United Kingdom, USA, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland will happily share their experience.

Bernard Ross (UK) will introduce participants to behavioural economics and its application in fundraising. Marcelo Iniarra (ARG) will offer innovative use of online tools for mobilising supporters. Maria Ros Jernberg (SWE) will present the latest trends in fundraising while Sylwia Kobayashi (PL) will give coaching on formulating your own fundraising strategy. Participants can look forward to inspirational presentations, proven formats and information on the latest trends and developments in fundraising.

Join us and be inspired!

Until 31st August 2015 we are offering a specially discounted early-bird registration fee for the full conference programme. Don’t miss out!

For all information on the conference, go to :

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