Successful Synergies In Fundraising? Yes, It Can Be Done…



For any cooperation to succeed it is necessary to work towards mutual goals. Non-profit organisations try to raise funds to support their missions, while their partners and supporters seek to fulfil personal motivations and make positive changes in society.

How can these disparate intentions be used to improve fundraising? How can we use the potential of our fans as our fundraising ambassadors? How to make use of volunteers as givers of their time? And how can we attract major donors to, with our help, make a significant change?

Masterclasses at the CEE Fundraising Conference (12-14 October 2016 in Bratislava) will serve as a platform for fundraisers to discuss in greater detail the challenges regarding these issues.

Jillian Stewart and Arko Hoondert (Netherlands) will unveil the secrets of peer-to-peer fundraising which has recently become increasingly successful in many developed markets. Undoubtedly, peer-to-peer fundraising is a trend that must be taken into account when planning your mobilisation and fundraising campaigns.

Kay Sprinkel Grace (USA) will share her life-long experience of working with volunteers, not only regarding organisation of events, but also their involvement with Boards. Our Boards very often seem to lack engagement or their work is too formal, not fully realising the potential of volunteers to fundraise.

In increasingly prosperous societies we are seeing a gradual move towards possibilities that had not been known until recently – a growing number of successful people support public good causes with large contributions. Jan Uekermann (Switzerland) will introduce seven steps for effective major donor fundraising. Participants of his masterclass will learn twenty-six skills necessary for every major donor fundraiser, the most important skill being the ability to ask for a major donation.

Join us and be inspired!



For all information on the conference, go to :  #CEEFC

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