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Investície do fundraisingu a vytváranie synergií sa vyplácajú

ceefc2016_banner_221_221Vrátila som sa k svojmu pracovnému stolu naplnená novými nápadmi, energiou a novými prístupmi, aby som mohla robiť veci lepšie. Ďakujem za perfektnú organizáciu, možnosť stretnúť sa s ďalšími ľuďmi, ďakujem za zaujímavých spíkrov a samozrejme vďaka za skvelú párty (Sonja z Rakúska).

To je len jeden z množstva pozitívnych ohlasov na CEE Fundraising Conference, ktorá sa konala 12.-14. októbra 2016 pod názvom Grow Fast: Invest In Fundraising (Synergies) v Bratislave. Vyše 175 účastníkov z 18 krajín (vrátane napríklad Južnej Afriky, Brazílie, USA či Albánska) hľadalo počas troch dní nové inšpirácie a energiu, aby mohli byť v získavaní zdrojov efektívnejší a úspešnejší. Continue reading


Successful Synergies In Fundraising? Yes, It Can Be Done…



For any cooperation to succeed it is necessary to work towards mutual goals. Non-profit organisations try to raise funds to support their missions, while their partners and supporters seek to fulfil personal motivations and make positive changes in society.

How can these disparate intentions be used to improve fundraising? How can we use the potential of our fans as our fundraising ambassadors? How to make use of volunteers as givers of their time? And how can we attract major donors to, with our help, make a significant change?

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Start Growing: Invest In Your Fundraising And Create Synergies


Many non-profit organisations don’t realise that in order to successfully fulfill their mission over the long-term they need, just like a business, to invest in their development.

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CEEFC Masterclasses Offer World-Class Fundraising Expertise


banner_iniarraThe CEE Fundraising Conference features the world’s renowned fundraising practitioners. Tap into their vast expertise at specialized masteclasses and benefit from their presence in Bratislava.
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Being Successful At Fundraising Means Planning Strategically


Some fundraisers need to plan everything right from the start, for others it is only during the rush of daily work with donors that they discover planning is vital in achieving greater effectivity.

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To Lead You Must Know How. To Lead You Must Know Why. To Lead You Must Know Yourself…

foto_leadership_jana_350_110There is a critical need for leadership in civil society. In Central and Eastern Europe, this need is being felt daily. Leaders of Tomorrow is a 12-month experiential development program which equips men and women with vision to lead organizations, communities, civil society. Leaders of Tomorrow opens door to leadership, to your potential, to your future…

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Fundraising For Complex Causes Is Difficult

Corruption, minority rights, human rights…foto_ceefc_2015_990_311

Getting funding for causes which are difficult to understand at first glance and are too abstract is much more difficult than fundraising to help sick children. “Difficult” causes tend to be more complex and can split a public which understands them with greater difficulty or accepts them more controversially. A strategic approach, creative ideas and innovative communication can provide the means for non-profit organisations working with difficult causes to be successful in their fundraising.

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Leader is a Person of Vision, Action and Inspiration

foto_leadership_jana_350_110Some people say that leaders are borne; others suggest that anybody can become a leader. I say a leader is a person of vision, passionate about action, committed to involvement, always inspiring others to join the cause. Leaders, regardless of skill and ability continuously ask: “Why, where, how or what if?”

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Leaders of Tomorrow are About Accountability and Leadership

There are two major issues facing all of us whofoto_leadership_tony_350_110 work and volunteer in the civil sector, working for NGOs: Accountability and Leadership. Our accountability starts with us. It starts with ensuring that we are the best we can be, as individuals, as professionals, as organizational leaders, and as leaders of thought and practice in our communities. And how do we do that.

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A New Leaders of Tomorrow Program with Kay Sprinkel Grace and Tony Myers

foto_leaders_350_145_header_downThis moment in history is revealing a critical need for leadership in civil society. Not only in Central and Eastern Europe, this need is being felt daily. The Slovak and Czech Fundraising Centres are therefore launching a joint long-term Leaders of Tomorrow Program.

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